The great hunt for making a hole-in-one will take over Vondelpark next Friday! The weekend vibes will already start in the morning, and you can be a part of it! You don’t even have to be a golfer!


JCI Vondelpark Open 2021, invites you to join their event next Friday! All the profit from the event goes to Vondelpark in the form of new benches, clean-ups, etc.

As a part of our aim to support our wonderful Vondelpark, we want to help this great event and get the last couple of volunteers they need for the day. In that way, we can help them make the greatest day possible for the companies that have paid for the course.

Your task will consist of guiding the participants around the golf course. With 50 other volunteers, you’re going to make the day run smoothly while having a fun day with other volunteers in Vondelpark!



The day starts at 6:45 in the morning until 13:00. We’ll meet in Vondelpark. You will start the day by getting a good breakfast with all the other participants.
You will also be offered a lovely lunch during the day and drinks at the end of the day! All to say thanks for your support and kindness throughout this great event!

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