Do you want to make a difference for people with dementia? Just to get some attention and having nice company means a lot to elderly people. You would make their day by spending some time with them, playing a game, chatting, going outside for a nice walk, reading together or treating them with a manicure. These small gestures mean a million for these people.

This quite new AMSTA location has 10 small residential groups of 6 elderly residents with dementia per group. It is our goal to have 2 volunteers per residential group, so 20 people in total who want to make it a great day for the people of AMSTA on the 12th of October. The program of the day will be decided per residential group, so you can check with the people what they would love to do that day. The location will take care of a nice joint lunch and when weather allows, we could go for a walk with all together in the afternoon.  It promises to be a great day full with smiles, playing games, chatting, reading and having a good time together.

Will you make the difference for these people on October 12th and do you want to give them a nice, relaxed day? This project is perfect to join together with your friend/family/ colleague/ spouse, so please spread the word and sign up!


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