Housing corporation Eigen Haard has started in Holendrecht with the project “mini vegetable garden at the neighbor”. The aim is to ask residents who are unable to maintain a garden themselves, to make their garden available to the vegetable garden project. Other residents from the neighborhood can create a vegetable garden in that garden. A classic win-win if it works out!

Three gardens are now in use as a vegetable garden, but there are more gardens to be adopted and converted into a vegetable garden.

Who is helping to make these gardens ‘vegetable garden ready’?! The weeds out and a smooth plant floor in, ready for vegetable plants. Hard work, but great to be outside!

Eigen Haard provides the tools, nice fresh water and lunch from the “Buurtkamer”!

Register via info@presentamsterdam.nl and mention Gardening project in Zuid-Oost! in the subject!

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