Do you have creative skills and would you love to do a nice project with kids? This is the perfect volunteering project for you.

This location is a shelter for mothers and their children who have to deal with domestic violence. They get shelter and assistance to get grip on their live again and to work on a future without violence. This location is all about safety, but at the same time they want to be visible for the neighborhood. They especially want the kids (50-100) to be able to feel proud about their temporary home.

The location has big glass walls at the outside and we are going to decorate them! Together with a small group (8-10) of kids, we will first make a beautiful design and then decorate the windows and make it look great! There will also be time to have lunch together and we possibly have some time left for a game.

Are you excited about this project? Just sign up now and give these children a great day and let them feel proud about their temporary home. For this project it is helpful if you speak ( a bit )Dutch!

This event is full and the registrations are now closed.


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