In Amsterdam there are plenty of people that have a really hard time to make all the ends meet, as there are plenty of people here that could use a little love in the dark days around Christmas. We at Serve The City want to make those people feel special, and are asking for your help! You can help us by putting together a nice Christmas package for them. For example, you can put in something nice to eat like candy, cookies and chocolate. A package of tea, cans of soup, (instant) coffee, it’s all very welcome. You can also think of care products like soap, shampoo and deodorizer. Use your imagination! What do you like to treat yourself with?

On the form underneath you can chose to what part of the city you want to bring your package. However, it’s not certain if we can match you to the part of the city that has your preference. You’ll receive an email with instructions. Thank you so much!

This event is full and the registrations are now closed.

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