In the last months during corona, there were more registered visitors for the Sociale Kruidenier, which is a supermarket for people who live in poverty. As you might know the Voedselbank and Sociale Kruidenier are having a hard time during the corona crisis. During the crisis there was an extreme increase of customers because of the fact that more people live in poverty nowadays. During the crisis Ympact020 and Present Amsterdam volunteers collected more than €3000 euro for the Sociale Kruidenier. That was amazing! But we still need more products to help people in poverty. Therefore we’re going to collect products from supermarkets. How? By asking if people want to support us, by buying extra products and donate them. For this day we need people to collect the products at the supermarkets and people to bring the products to the Sociale Kruidenier. To begin the day, the founders of the Social Kruidering will give you a guided tour! Important: you need a bike!

This event is full and the registrations are now closed.

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