The holidays are coming, so we’re anticipating the arrival of Sinterklaas. This year too, Sinterklaas wants to fill the shoes of the kids with something sweet. That’s not so self-evident, because a lot of kids in Amsterdam are living in poverty. Do you, like us at Serve The City, feel that Sinterklaas should be for évery kid in Amsterdam? Then join in this action! And let these children know that they are being thought of!

            What’s the plan? Buy one or more chocolate letters with letter S. Write a Sinterklaas poem or a short letter from Sinterklaas. Hand in your letter(s) at one of our locations in the city. We’ll take care of the distribution of the letters, poems and letters, so they’ll end up with kids that will really appreciate this! Sign up here, and you’ll get a message with information on what exactly you need to do, and where you can hand in everything. Join in, and make this Sinterklaasfeest unforgettable! Thank you, Sinterklaasje!

(would you like to get involved with a big group of people, like a company, please send an email to to discuss opportunities)

This event is full and the registrations are now closed.

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