The whole of Amsterdam Bakes… against Loneliness. Blue Monday is coming on January 17th. This day is known as the most depressing day of the year… and we are also in lockdown or maybe just out. Who knows… Time to take action, by making something delicious for someone else. Because giving makes you richer! And the elderly; homeless people and the staff of the institutions are sure to be very happy with homemade baked goods!

On Sunday, January 16, you will get to work and enjoy all the baking, cookies, muffins, cakes. On January 17 (Blue Monday) you bring it to a care location or homeless location in your area. You choose a district and you will receive the address from us later! This way you are doing something positive for someone else and you immediately have a nice weekend lockdown activity with your roommates, family or friends! Win win! Sign up below for this fun project.

IMPORTANT: When you sign up we are counting for you to bake something for 10-15 people. After sign up you will receive an email with delivery information. (please also check you spam)

If you want to bake more, you can sign up again with a different email adress.

Banner voor bakken voor blue monday'Banner voor bakken voor blue monday'

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