Hey there, songbird! Are you ready to let your voice soar and spread some joy to everyone around you?  

We’ll be belting out all your favorite tunes, getting the crowd moving and grooving, and bringing smiles to the faces of everyone who passes by. And after we’ve rocked the market, we’re heading over to Vondelpark!

It’s a chance to let your inner performer shine, make new friends, and bring some happiness to the world around you.

Let’s spread some love and good vibes, one song at a time! 


We’re not just about getting stuff done, we’re also about having fun and connecting with each other. That’s why we’re starting the day with a kick-off, we are also inviting you to join us for breakfast before and a picnic at the end of the day. Food, friends, and feel-good vibes!

So, if you’re feeling the excitement and want to get in on the action, click the link in the confirmation email to register for breakfast and the picnic. Let’s make this day one to remember!

This event is canceled and the registrations are now closed.

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