This great project is a returning success on our Serve the City editions. The pancakes are very popular by the crowd so you will be be welcomed with open arms by the people of this location.

This Regenboog (Rainbow) location is kind of a big living room in the Oud-West neighbourhood and is visited by homeless people. This drop-in centre is open 365 days a year,  people are always welcome to drop in for a cup of coffee or lunch. At the same time, there’s also work done; they have a street cleaning team, a bike repair shop and a workshop where candles are made. This is a good way for people to keep busy and to get more confidence.

Are you the social type of person and would you love to surprise this crowd with yummy pancakes? Just sign up and get baking!

Time schedule:
9.30-10.30am – Kick-off
10.30  Leave for project with your coordinator
11.30am – 4pm Happy activities with clients
Optional: 5 – 6pm – Free meal with other volunteers of Serve the City. Welcome!



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