The organization Timon offers shelter to, amongst others, ex-homeless women in the age range 20-35 years whom, due to circumstances, are in need of assistance and residential guidance. The aim of Timon is to bring these women ‘closer,’ closer to a safe place, closer to being able to stand on ones own feet, closer to a hopeful future.

Help us bring this vulnerable group of women closer, closer to a joyful Christmas. We would like to make at least 50 beauty and care pamper packages and we could really use your help. The next time you find yourself in a beauty and cosmetics store and you come across a stunt like buy 3 get one for free on shampoo, or 1+1 free on body lotion, or if you simply have an unopened jar of facial cream at home, please donate, every item helps.

The products can be sent to, or delivered at the headquarters of Serve the City, where we will do our best to create the best packages possible. Show some kindness these holidays and help us pamper the women of Timon. Thank you!

Your parcel has to be delivered to the office before December 21st.

Registrations for this event are closed.

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