Join us on November 16

Our next edition will be held on November 16! DO you want to help us making the city of Amsterdam a little bit prettier? You can help out by helping out others with their house, by cooking for others or by giving the elderly or children a day to remember. Lots of options for you to join us and serve others! We love to welcome you (again) on November 16!

Become part of the team!

Do you love Serve the City and do you have a couple of hours available to be a part of this endeavor? You can help out by joining a team of people who want to make Amsterdam a better place to live. Whatever your talents or interests are, would you like to make this world a little bit better.


Would you like to help others with your company? We can help you organise and find you a perfect project to take care of community.

We connect volunteers

We build relationships with local associations that are caring for people in need and create opportunities for volunteers to serve

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